Roasted jalapeños topped with avocado, mushroom and cilantro

I recently read an article about tavi gevinson graduating and being 18 and being a hot cool grown-up now. I mean more eloquent than that.

in the article, tavi says great connections aren’t made at fun parties but in sharing tears over disappointments. friendships are made in sadness.

recently I guess I’ve put that to the test. it’s been a weirdo summer but it’s also nice to learn that some people are really cool. and that I can do things I thought I couldn’t.

last night I had a potluck to celebrate all that. I gathered a nice group of friends, who in turn gathered an incredible assortment of foods to share. we had juicy watermelon I couldn’t stop eating, amazing homemade zucchini bread, delicate pistachio rosewater cardamom cookies, and more!


this lucky girl kept the leftovers and right now I’m munching on a donut peach salad with almonds.


in addition to being a celebration of august and the uncertainty of the universe, last night was an experiment in creating an intentionally sober event.

since I’m not drinking I’ve been more aware of the ubiquity of alcohol. it’s always happy hour somewhere. there are even breakfast drinks! Facebook events scream don’t worry there’s wine! there’s beer at coffeeshops.

and people say there’s alcoholism in my family and I feel like everyone says there’s alcoholism in my family and maybe that’s because alcohol is an addictive substance. there’s alcoholism in your family unless you’re in a family of teetotalers.

so I wanted to test the sober waters. the result: one person accidentally brought a six pack.

but I put it in the corner, we sat on the floor, and we talked. about wage labor, about the selling of one’s morals, about secret nonAmerican citizenships. I learned a lot! we looked at zines I once grabbed at black coffee coop and played with my roommates dog. we ate food. it was a nice night.

my contributions, cos really I set off writing tonight intending to blog a recipe then got carried away, were potato and beef knishes and stuffed jalapeños. the knish recipe is a family recipe and I’ve decided a SECRET RECIPE!! tho if we’re together I probably can’t resist whispering it to you. I also may have blogged it out before.


but the jalapeños were new and great and I am excited to share the recipe with the world.

Roasted jalapeños topped with avocado, mushroom and cilantro


vegan, gluten free, spicy!!

you’ll need 1lb or approx 15 jalapeños
1 regular size container mushrooms how much does that thing weigh?
3 very ripe avocados
2 cloves garlic
small handful of cilantro
coconut oil or whatever oil you choose to use
I don’t think I even used salt

well first why don’t you take your contacts out or finish your eye things for the day cos after cutting jalepenos you don’t want to be doing that business.

ok. cut the ends off all the jalepenos. slice in half, or don’t and just remove all the seeds and stems if you’re feeling fancy and/or dexterous. I don’t have good knife skills. whatever you do, remove the seeds and stems. that’s where the spicy at.

save some gradient between zero and half of the seeds and stems, depending on your spice tolerance. I saved half, and I really can’t imagine anyone would want to go hotter than me. really. I promise.

coat the jalepenos in a teeny bit of oil and salt if you like and put them in the oven at 350 till the filling is ready.

set a pan to low heat no oil. dice the mushrooms and put them in the pan to sweat. a little salt. garlic next, then diced jalepeno guts if you have any. add a bit of oil if you care to.

after 5 minutes of this, or, when everything is hot and melded, remove heat and put the stuffing in a bowl to mix with avocado and cilantro. mash the avocados in with a fork.

stuff the jalepenos and bake for 10 minutes let’s say. and they’re ready to enjoy!

really I’ve gotten myself hungry writing this: I’m going to grab a jalepeno from the fridge. they’re good cold too! please try them and tell me what you think!


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