Dreams, Dance, Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Today is my day off and I woke up at 2 in the afternoon and proceeded to drink a pumpkin beer and eat a biscuit with pumpkin butter. While I was sleeping, I had a sex dream about a girl friend of mine. Later, in a half-asleep stupor from my roommate vacuuming, I dreamt my house was throwing a dinner party for gay men. Imagine my surprise when I checked Facebook and learned today is National Coming Out Day! A gay way to start.

After watching a video of a goth kid singing an aria, I dug all of the food waste out of the trash and separated everything into containers outside. Yes, I’m the weird roommate that goes through everyone else’s trash to find things I can recycle or compost. I even found a perfectly gorgeous ginger root that I’m saving! It’s weird — I’ve been baking ginger cookies for weeks and always lacking in fresh ginger, and it turns out it was in my garbage can all along.

Maybe it would be more mature to talk to my roommates about recycling and composting, but it is honestly easier for me to do it myself. Even if sometimes I do get a rush of garbage air to the face. You know what I’m talking about — when you try to compress a couple of garbage bags in a can and all that fetid air is finally freed. Foul.

Life goes on. I made stuffed peppers, using a recipe I made up last night during a dance show so excruciating I felt compelled to buy my friends food and drinks afterwards. I went with a friend and a roommate; we showed up late and all had to sit separately. The show began with a naked body on the floor, eventually, three others joined. They dressed and undressed, all to a heavy, repetitive bass guitar. Throughout the show I witnessed so much technical skill, so much perfection, rippling muscles, but the repetitive movements made me cringe. ‘You’re hurting yourselves!’ I wanted to shout. I felt the show was commenting on the militarization and commercialization of art, but it was so ugly. Maybe I’m simple, but I just want to see something beautiful.

After the show we went to The Mecca Cafe in Lower Queen Anne. Queen Anne is beautiful, by the way. We parked for the show in a multimillion dollar neighborhood of architectural masterpieces overlooking the water, and it was good. The bar was a perfectly quaint diner with a heavy punk waitress and booze milkshakes. My roommate and I each ordered Kahlua and chocolate and we got pancakes, fries AND chili fries for the table. It felt like high school, going out for milkshakes and shit food at a diner after a show. Except in high school I would’ve been sneaking my own booze in there, and now I’m a grown up and I can do whatever the fuck I want every second.

Anyway, stuffed peppers. They are half a burst of creative genius and half a clever combination of the leftover vegetables in my fridge.

Cook up one cup of brown rice. While this is cooking, hollow out some peppers big enough for stuffing. These are the five I had.

peppersChop up some kale, purple cabbage and one red chili pepper. Mix equal parts of kale and cabbage with the cooked brown rice. Add one beaten egg and a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce and you’re good to smoosh the mixture inside the hollowed out peppers.


Pour olive oil and salt on a baking pan, and over the peppers after they’re set down. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, or until collapsed and sexy.





I ate the light green one, is that a banana pepper? It was delicious. Melty and spicy and satisfying, with a mix of flavors interesting but not overpowering. I was worried it would be under-spiced or too tough and vegetable-y but my fears went unfounded. A perfect healthy fresh dish for fall.

And now: The future. Will I bake? Will I ride my bike? Maybe I’ll never leave the house again.


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