Intern No More

Today is my last day with YES! Magazine. In February, I was an angry girl with a disdain for Twitter and a rapidly growing gap in my resume. Five and a half months later, I love and respect social media as an egalitarian feedback loop and a tool to disseminate information to the masses. I hope to have a career in social media, sharing information and events that excite me. I just have to wade through those wretched cover letters first.

I really am shocked and grateful at how much I have changed during my time here. When I started this internship, I was still dating Ben, living in the city and feeling just a wee bit resentful about a 35 minute ferry ride to a job that didn’t pay. I was a bright and eager intern at one point in my life — like when I drove through an hour and a half of LA rush hour traffic to get to my internship at Ms. Magazine back in 2009 — but around unpaid internship number six the world starts wearying.

Luckily, my attitude changed once Ben and I broke up and I moved onto the island. Living on Bainbridge Island shrunk my world into a manageable size. I still rode the ferry back into the city almost daily, but grew to love those 35 minutes as a time to catch up on my reading, or — as I came to know people, and whether I wanted to or not — hang out and talk. Yes, there are many times I wanted to squirrel away with a book when I suddenly made eye contact with a dreaded familiar face. Oh well.

One thing I frequently do, since I still love and miss Ben so much at times, is to celebrate all the things I’ve done that I could not have done with him. I would not have met anyone on Bainbridge Island, because I would have been too busy rushing back to him. I would not have started wonderful friendships with fellow interns Molly and Katrina. I would not have gotten so close to my boss and mentor Susan, who is one of the people in the world I admire the most. I probably would have ended this internship at the three-month mark back in May instead of fighting to stay around a little bit longer.

On Wednesday the 17th I go home to Buffalo. I plan on suffocating in the humidity and sobbing hysterically with nostalgia and love. Indeed, I start tearing up whenever I just think about going home and seeing my family and friends for the first time in ten months. I’ll be home for a busy and beautiful two weeks, and then it’s back to Seattle! I’ll cry the whole plane right home.

And where is home? No more internship, no more intern house; my time on Bainbridge Island has ended. I’m cat-sitting in Magnolia for three weeks in August, then moving into a house in Northgate in September. North Seattle here I come!

Life is certainly an anxious mystery. Today, as I was preparing my first cup of coffee, Rod came up to me to talk about my last day and next steps. He’s happily married with a great job and baseball-playing kids, but told me he envies the uncertainty, possibility and anxiety of my life right now. I’m sure I’ll put down roots eventually (maybe), but right now I’ve got to keep on exploring.


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