Full Moon Rising (and so am I)

Yesterday my life made a sharp 180, and I am choosing to credit (as always) the full moon. I woke up early and hungover, the result of a good night and a preference for whiskey over water. Lately, I’ve been stressing about my upcoming rent payment. The 1st is on Monday and I’ve had that horrible tight feeling in my chest and sent my parents many an anxious text message. However, yesterday I was calm. My hangover distracted me from any other issue in my life. My only concerns: water and Advil.

At work, my day was surprisingly relaxed. Wednesdays are busy in the office — so busy, in fact, that my boss didn’t have time to instruct me on what to do! I kept myself occupied, but nothing seemed terribly urgent. For lunch, I had some leftover kale with a truly ridiculous amount of Sriracha, and suddenly my ailment was over. Thank you hot sauce, I was cured!


I left work early for a haircut in the city, leafed through the Stranger on the ferry, and once downtown — miracle of miracles — I ran into a friend! I still feel like such a stranger in Seattle, like I don’t know anyone, so it was a happy and refreshing surprise to see a familiar face. She offered to join me at my hair appointment, and during our walk to Belltown we laughed over silly and sad stories of past relationships.

Once at the salon — Sublime Salon with Sabrina: she has the most amazing reviews on Yelp for cutting curly hair — I was whisked away half-muttering confused apologies to my friend. And then the pampering began. Sabrina compared my hair to her own — an amazing compliment — and got to work. After a wonderfully scented shampoo and condition with head massage, she trimmed and shaped the back of my head. I had given her vague instructions: length, layers, stuff around my face; my fate was in her expert hands.

And she delivered! After the initial trim, it was back under the sink to re-wet, apply her favorite paraben-free hair gel, and slowly, meticulously dry my curls under a diffuser. She explained that she wanted to see how my curls naturally constricted before attempting to shape around my face. I appreciated her attention and the hair advice she casually offered. I did take charge at some points, asking for my bangs and a few pieces around my face to be trimmed further, at which point she offered me free bangs trims whenever I needed them!

Long story short: I’m a happy girl. After over six months without a haircut, my hair finally has a shape again! My curls are curling! I haven’t washed and styled it myself yet, but feel confident that my head will be looking good for months to come.




Apologies for the weird lighting; this photo may or may not have been taken in a bathroom.

Apologies for the weird lighting; this photo may or may not have been taken in a bathroom.

After my hair appointment, it was back to business. Remember my rent stress? I decided to act like a grown-up and negotiate the situation with my former housemate. I was so afraid to call and was seriously worried he would get mad at me or say something mean. Nope! As always, he continued acting like his nice, considerate self. Asked me how I was doing, told me not to worry about rent, and even offered to help me move out of the apartment! Phew! That’s one big stressor out the window.

In fact, my pent-up anxiety dissipated so fast I didn’t know what to do with myself. I became giggly and hyper. I couldn’t focus (as usual). To make matters worse (better?), the sun came out and I got hit with a big dose of Vitamin D. Endorphin rush!!

Luckily, I was headed right over to therapy, which helped me process my emotional roller coaster. I’m so happy and fortunate that financial burdens have been lifted off of me. I can finally use my resources toward the mental health services I was lacking for so long.

To end my night, on the ferry ride back to Bainbridge I ran into yet another friend! The day before I didn’t even think I had any!

Life is looking up.


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3 responses to “Full Moon Rising (and so am I)”

  1. Sammi Jones says :

    I used to get my hair cut in Long Beach, CA by a girl named Sabrina. I heard she moved to Seattle… I’m moving to Seattle next month and wonder if its the same gal? I’d love to return to her, she was amazing. Tiny little skinny gal, tattoos, maybe punk or goth? Any info would help. either way this place got great reviews, I’ll probably just go here irregardless! Thanks!!!

    • Emily Stoner says :

      It’s a different Sabrina, sorry! The one I saw is bigger with a gorgeous mane of curly hair. She’s great — highly recommended!

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