The New York Times almost Gets Me

Turns out I’m not the only unpaid intern.

On Friday, the New York Times published a story about “20-somethings” with unpaid internships and low-wage jobs that demand more and provide less than ever before. Opening with awkward and unnecessary references to Taylor Swift and Girls, the article continues tripping over itself when describing 20-somethings as “a population historically exploitable as cheap labor.”

Really. Out of all the different peoples in the history of this exploited earth, you’re going to posit 20-somethings as the examplar of labor exploitation?

Fortunately, I have not had the bad internship experiences the Times goes on to detail. I’ve never worked more than a 40 hour week at an internship–though I did spend additional time driving and working other jobs. My supervisors have always been very nice to me. My work generally feels valued and appreciated.

But to underscore my generation’s lowering job standards, I’ll share that I could not empathize with the people mentioned who “never took a lunch” at their first job out of college, who worked 12-plus hour days, who always had to be on-call. Pity the production assistant that earns $10 an hour and works 60 hours a week with an overtime bonus? Girl is making bank!

And, sigh, “How does she summon the energy for this incessant typing?”

Pardon me while I faint on my fainting pillow.

At least I know I’m not alone: “Once a short-term commitment at most, internships have become an obligatory rite of passage that often drags on for years.” 

Also: “Children of helicopter parents who have been overscheduled since nursery school might find it especially hard to set professional limits.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA yesssss! I’m not the only one!


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