Bacon Overload

Help me, I’m dead. Tonight I ate more bacon that a human should in their entire lifetime, and then I had a heart attack and died.

(It was worth it.)

The bacon was courtesy of the Cook-Off Club, a Meetup group that put their focus on bacon tonight. I decided to go at the last minute–I didn’t even see the post until I got home this afternoon–so I didn’t have time to whip any bacon-y goodies together. I brought beer instead, but I’m still excited about baking a bacon treat for Ben and me. I’m thinking of combining bacon and ginger in a cookie! Sounds good, right? I had a lot of bacinspiration.

maple pecan praline bacon

Maple-Pecan Praline Bacon. The bacon was chewy, both salty AND sweet; the maple-pecan praline melted in my mouth.

slow roasted pork

Slow-roasted pork wrapped in bacon. The pork was roasted, wrapped in bacon, on a grill for three hours. The result? The softest, most tender pork I have ever eaten in my life. Like the maple-pecan praline, it melted. The pork and bacon complimented each other perfectly (fancy that!) and I could barely resist chopping the meat into strips and shoving it into a corn tortilla! What a delicious taco that would be.

loaded mashed potatoes

Loaded mashed potatoes. Whole roasted garlic, caramelized onions, bleu cheese, bacon… Need I say more?

bacon mac & cheese

Bacon mac and cheese. You should’ve seen this homemade macaroni and cheese when it first came out of the oven. The cheese was boiling and bubbling and the whole thing looked so gooey and delicious I wanted to dive right in. It was just as amazing when cooled down to a palatable temperature. One of the (unfortunately many) things I just had to have seconds of.

deep fried bacon

Deep fried bacon: IT’S NECESSARY. It’s necessary, okay? Bacon is not delectable enough, not chewy and salty and satisfying and flavorful enough on its own. We’ve all been deluding ourselves. The only sane way to eat bacon from now on is to dip it in tempura batter and fry that baby up!

The chipotle aioli dipping sauce is similarly a non-option. This is the future of brave new bacon.

bacon wrapped figs; jalepenos

Bacon wrapped figs and jalepeños stuffed in bleu cheese. As usual, I decided to save the best for last. These bacon wrapped figs perfectly married sweet and savory. The figs had the texture of chocolate lava cake and a wonderful, satisfying chewiness. The slightly burnt bacon added a crunch and a lot of depth to the flavor. I couldn’t discern the bleu cheese on its own, but I’m sure it contributed to the overall flavor of this perfectly balanced bite.

The jalepeños were really good too, but FIGS ARE NUMBA ONE!

the spread

This figgy win is based on the opinion of one–moi-and I am wondering what everyone else thought. I left a little early, so a democratic vote could be taking place right now. WHO IS THE TRUE WINNER OF THE BACON?

Answer: Me, and all of us who attended tonight. We identified a rare perfect gem in life and we celebrated it, all the way down to our stomachs. Later we can have our ginger tea and Pepto-Bismol, but tonight, we eat!


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