Jai Ho!

Dancing has been a big theme in my life since I moved to Seattle. Before, back in New York, I was a self-conscious dancer. I had no bodily intelligence, no idea how to move myself. In high school and college, I was mortified to try to dance unless the room was completely dark, completely empty or I was completely wasted.

But since I moved to Seattle, I have a better sense of myself and my body. Maybe it’s because I packed up my life and moved myself across the country and saw what I was, briefly untethered, traveling in a van with my boyfriend and cat. Maybe it’s because I’m so much more active here, walking miles on the daily simply because of my need to get places. I’m not good trapped at home and I generally don’t have cash for the bus. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a little bit older and coming into myself.

hula hoops

My first experience dancing in Seattle was hula hooping in Gas Works Park and looking at the beautiful cityscape at night, shining across the water. I’m a novice at hooping and definitely showed my inexperience, but I felt like I got stronger and more balanced as I kept on moving. Unfortunately, this wonderful experience was organized by a Meetup and nothing new has been scheduled in the last few months. I need to get my own hoop!


A few weeks later, I saw Amy O, Linda Austin, and Anne Furfey perform at Remix, SAM’s “late-night creative explosion.” I regretfully missed The Most Innovative, Daring, and Original Piece of Dance/Performance That You Will See This Decade and still am meaning to go to the Velocity Dance Center, but the little snippet I got from Amy O that night has opened me up to some more booty shaking. The bodily awakening continues…

black snake moan

Throw in some amazing dirty times at the Unicorn for Black Snake Moan and Booty Meat and this is all leading up to me saying I went dancing last night. Specifically…Bollywood dancing!


Okay, I lied a little. I didn’t do any Bollywood dancing. I do like dancing and am figuring it out, but I am kind of limited in only being able to dance my way. I can’t follow directions. I can’t dance with other people because I neither follow nor lead. I just kind of do my own thing.

A Bollywood dance party with an advertised dance lesson is not exactly my thing. But! Everyone there was so nice! I arrived alone and had a couple of drinks while I waited for someone else to be the first person dancing. Things were finally getting started and I was starting to move when a girl I met from Meetup arrived. And a good thing, too, because that’s when the dance class started!

People seemed interested in me last night and I chatted briefly with a lot of them. I didn’t have to buy any of my own drinks and I ended up getting pretty trashed! Weirdly, though, I made it clear I had a boyfriend and people wanted to talk to me and buy me drinks anyway. One guy even walked me home and texted me in the morning–I don’t remember giving out my number–saying it was great to meet me and he hopes things work out for Ben and me! So…yay for friendliness?

This morning I was horribly hung over and Ben saved me with purple Gatorade: the perfect hangover cure. Now I think I’ll slither back into bed. My heat hurts!

da purp


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