Happy Uwajimaya Sunday

Ben and I are having a lovely day. Like I previously mentioned, I woke up hung over and fuzzy about the last hour or so of my night. Ben filled me in without giving me any grief for waking him up, fetched me a purple Gatorade, and generally made my sickness as pleasant as possible. When I was ready to eat, he made biscuits and gravy (and he’s reheating them right now! so delicious we’ve gotta eat them for breakfast and dinner). When I was ready to explore, we headed down to Pioneer Square to visit the Waterfall Garden.

Unfortunately, it was closed. Why close at 3:45 in the wintertime? The gate was being chained closed as we walked up! So sad. But we persevered! And searched for parks in the International District.

We visited Hing Hay Park, where we watched two incredible ping pong players, sat on smooth green marble stools, and admired the dragon mural looming above us. We walked to the International Children’s Park, which contained two middle-aged men and no children. Then, the best part of our day materialized before us.


Uwajimaya is the most amazing Asian grocery store ever. We’ve heard of it since moving to Seattle, but had never gone and didn’t realize it was quite so close to our house. Just ten minutes away on foot, I think it is our closest grocery store!

We explored reverentially, as if we were walking through an ancient palace or delicate rainforest. We saw fresh produce we had never heard of, amazing cuts of beef, every ramen and noodle, grape and mangosteen and kiwi gummies, teriyaki and kimchi flavored sodas… and more and more and more until our brains exploded!

We spent an hour in there, walking up and down every aisle. Ben generously sprang to buy us a treat, and we snacked on hot garlic corn nuts and a can of orange pineapple nectar on our walk home.

What a happy Sunday. Ben and I are best on days like today. As long as we can be together with not much to do, we can hang out and have fun and be pretty thrifty. Things get tough when we’re both rushing off to work and have to schedule all of our love and excitement into one unsatisfying hour. But that is life. Tomorrow is Monday again and I have to catch an early ferry. The weeks continue. Hopefully we can too.


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