Dance, Tweet, Rise Up, Slurp That Milkshake Down

Happy V Day! And no, that’s not just an abbrev. V Day is a global activism movement founded by Eve Ensler (or Jane Fonda, if you’re talking to Piers Morgan) to end violence against women and girls. Strike, dance, and rise “to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.”

piers morgan tonight

I don’t yet have any plans to participate in V Day here in Seattle. What I am doing is tweeting it! On Tuesday night, I helped my boss live-tweet the State of the Union address. It was so much fun. She wrote the tweets and I performed behind-the-scenes duties like researching the speech topics and transcript, figuring out what hashtags were being used, and finding relevant articles from the archive to link to.

I scanned Twitter while listening to the address and saw great ideas for future tweets… as well as many things not to do. Hint: If the President says an especially salient quote, you better believe 200 other people are already tweet-quoting that shit. Lay it to rest. Get creative.

who says yachting is too expensive?

In the office yesterday, I heard about a media conference a few staff members went to. Among other things, they presented on Upworthy, a site whose sole duty is writing better headlines and thus increasing traffic. The staff generates at least 25 possible headlines for each story before the best one is chosen, like “This is why women’s hygiene companies shouldn’t let teen boys run their marketing teams.” WANT TO READ MORE? I SURE DO!

I thought, I should do that! Great idea! And last night Ben and I worked on writing 25 interesting headlines / tweets about V Day, over drinks of course. We ducked into Therapy, a dark, closed-looking bar at Pike and Broadway, because they advertised $3 wells and $5 doubles on a chalkboard outside and had many desperate signs taped to their windows. “Yes we are really open!”

We walked in… and yes they were really open, but barely. The place was dead. But no matter! We were there to write; best to be alone. We ordered a vodka tonic and a whiskey ginger, heard about their amazing $5 PBR & fries deal (next time!) and set to work. Because it was so dead, the bartender ended up bringing us each two free shots to try.

The first tasted heavily of sour mix and the second of Hawaiian punch. I prefer my shots to be just that… shots. Of alcohol. With no other stuff mixed in. But the bartender was great and it was fun to get a few extra treats. Our whole experience, two drinks each, two free shots each, and a generous tip cost less than $20! We left drunk but not broke. We will be back.

Extra points if one of my booze-inspired tweets gets my boss’ approval and enters the real world of social media.

Despite my earlier protestations, my V Day isn’t all about Twitter and activism. I do feel some extra mushy gushy love today. And last night Ben and I shared a Valentine’s Day milkshake!

Deathcake milkshake

We weren’t able to celebrate Valentine’s Day too much this year. We were supposed to celebrate Monday, but Ben ended up having to cover for two separate people and work a double. Yesterday he had off but I was in the office (or trying and failing to catch the ferry over to Bainbridge Island twice before finally making it) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. And today is the BIG DAY, but I’m meeting up with my boss during the day and he has to go into work at night.

So it’s a low key Valentine’s Day. I made Ben a video. He gave me some candy and a mystery present that’s arriving on Friday. And last night we went to Cupcake Royale to split a deathcake milkshake!



Deathcake is “Theo chocolate decadence fused with Stumptown Espresso ganache and a pinch of fleur de sel.” What does that mean? I don’t fucking know, but it’s yummy and rich. Interestingly, the milkshake version did not hold up to the same standard.

Deathcake is thick and fudgey; the milkshake was thin and milky. Deathcake is satisfyingly chewy; the milkshake contained some chunks, but so few it was a tease. Ordering a Deathcake milkshake is like asking for a thick chocolate malt and getting an unevenly mixed concoction of Hershey’s syrup and skim milk. THERE I SAID IT.

Plus it was almost $7 for a 16oz milkshake! You can get a better, thicker chocolate milkshake from Dick’s for $2.15.

That said, I may just pop over to Cupcake Royale sometime today to grab myself a cupcake. Their milkshakes may not be impressive, but I’ll still dive into their cupcakes any day. Vegan double chocolate is my forever favorite, but I have been eying that seasonal strawberry champagne…

So Happy V Day, y’all! Rise up, dance, bake a cupcake, eat a cupcake. Be happy. Do you. And share the love.


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