Still Alive

Hello world, I am back. I apologize for my absence. It was kind of a lost weekend of depression, the kind where you don’t get out of bed except to fight with your boyfriend and then go right back to sleep. Maybe you know what I mean. Anyway, I didn’t have much to say then but RAGE so I kept quiet. But life goes on and here I am.

On Sunday Ben and I went to see Identity Thief, but had to walk out early because I was so disgusted. The movie is about a good, honest, hard-working family man (Jason Bateman) who is scammed by the most horrible human being in existence (Melissa McCarthy). I am sure she got her comeuppance after I left because Hollywood movies must have happy endings, but the movie I was able to sit through featured her winning, and winning, and winning. Lying, stealing, cheating and being a jerk, and getting everything she wanted (except of course love, real human companionship, etc.).


I just couldn’t take it! Here I am struggling in the world, trying to start my adult “life,” trying to be “good,” and on the movie screen I see this horrible adult woman getting it all! No thanks. I went to the movie hoping to laugh but left more stressed and frustrated than before.

Later that night we watched The Comedians of Comedy on Netflix, which was a much better experience. Not every comedian hit it out of my ball park, but I was desperate to laugh and forgiving. Wow, I’m making it sound horrible, aren’t I?! I did enjoy The Comedians of Comedy a lot. It was funny. It was imperfect. Aren’t we all?The Comedians of ComedyAnyway, I’m going to go spend time with my boyfriend because I have to catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island at 8:45 tomorrow morning. 8:45 AM! Is that legal?!

Stay tuned for the most amazing Mexican rice recipe, yet another job interview, and a behind-the-scenes look at live-tweeting the State of the Union (hint: it was super fun!).


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