Fight the Power with Local Beef!

Can we please stop fucking with the Earth? I’ve been trying to get up-to-date in environmental news and it’s really quite frightening. Fracking–which, remember, is shooting high-pressure poison into the Earth–is not only harming local communities (watch Gasland if you haven’t already) but also poisoning our food supply.

Farmers are some of the biggest landowners in the United States. They are frequently approached by fracking companies that are looking for an invitation to exploit the valuable fossil fuels under their farms. According to the Nation, farmers who acquiesce are gifted not only with large sums of money but also infected livestock. Like, dropping dead the day fracking begins. The cows that don’t die are sent to slaughter and make their way into our healthy and delicious American beef conglomerate. Coming soon to a grocery store near you!

And yes, fracking sometimes occurs near (or underneath) organic farms.

fracking meets organic

Want to avoid nasty beef? Buy local. Buy local. Buy local. Get to know your farmers. Visit local farms. I’m fortunate here in Seattle, land of year-round farmers markets: Farmers are not hard for me to find.

But I don’t think I’ve bought beef since I moved here. I don’t really buy meat to cook–I eat meat when I’m out. Ben is a fan (and I am a semi-reluctant recipient) of Dick’s Drive-In and their famous $1.50 100% REAL beef cheeseburger. The 100% real beef claim is frightening in its existence. What percentage of beef do other hamburgers contain? What else is in there? What could “fake” beef be?

And we can’t have it all, can we? Healthy meat and low prices? The beef is “real,” but how was it raised? Did it eat 100% REAL food as well? Was it exposed to chemicals that humans shouldn’t be?

Right now I feel defeated and scared. From now on I’ll only eat food I grow myself in organic dirt fertilized with my own shit and watered with water that has been boiled and filtered and there will be an air purifier somehow surrounding my humble farm and only the sun will be pure and unadulterated. Grow baby grow.

Do you know the feeling, the compulsion to be clean? Washing your hands over and over or your hair or what have you? Or at least, can you image? Well, I feel like I need to scrub the inside of my body and also the entire Earth.

Baby steps:

  • Buy local food. Look for farmer’s markets and co-ops in your area.
  • I’ve not used it yet, but looks pretty sick. You can use it to find local farms, CSAs (community-supported agriculture–you pay a fee in the beginning of the season and receive a share of the bounty each week), restaurants, co-ops, and more. I plan to give this site a whirl and report back.
  • I don’t know if I believe in the efficacy of protest or petitioning, honestly. Sorry to be such a downer tonight.
  • Fight the power?

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