Where my money at?

So, I have an internship. An unpaid internship. The fourth to add to my resume. I honestly am so excited about this opportunity and know I am going to learn a lot and meet amazing people and really enjoy myself, but right now I’m like, Friday is the first, man. Rent is due. I’ve been at the job hunt for three-plus weeks and now this great thing is happening, but also my availability has been lessened by 30 hours a week and I won’t have a paycheck to show for it.

But hush your money-talk, self! Did you really go to college expecting to graduate and get PAID for your work?

Hell no!

Let’s talk about this great opportunity. I am now a social media intern with a progressive magazine over on Bainbridge Island! I’m taking the ferry over on Friday to check it out. Though I spend a lot of time procrastinating on Facebook, I am no social media guru, and even talked about my hatred of Twitter during my interview/fun coffee date.

The best part of my internship is my new mentor. She is so sweet and vowed to be my friend and helper in Seattle even before she decided to offer me the internship. She knows so many people in indie media, here and everywhere, and I know she will help me make my debut in the Seattle media scene. And teach me how to Tweet along the way!

I’m a little nervous about my orientation Friday, but mostly because I have to catch the ferry at 9:30 in the morning. I have been enjoying my unemployment and I like lazily sleeping until noon. Things are definitely going to change once I find a paying job and am working 50-60 hours per week!

Farewell, Top Chef marathons. You will be missed.


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One response to “Where my money at?”

  1. Dad and Sandy says :

    Congrats!!!!!!! We are SO excited for you!
    Good luck Friday, and lets be sure we talk over the weekend.
    We love you oh so much!!!

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