Party All The Time

Viva la unemployment, am I right? I had so much free time to do shit this week. I spent hours happily traipsing around a park, then hours hungrily trying to find my way out. I saw a movie in the daytime and spent a lot of money on sushi and sake I didn’t even like. I got thisclose to being hired for a job not in a restaurant (!) and felt my soul die a little with every new cover letter I sent.

Cover letter-writing is the weird, unpaid and anxiety-inducing job I’m currently working at. Did you notice that I just repeated your list of desired qualifications back to you? I promise I really am telling the truth. Should I include more personal anecdotes? Do you care that I worked in a restaurant? If I say I’m organized, will you believe me?

How cruel it is that unemployed people at a self-esteem low-point are forced to write glowing letters to strangers that detail their personal greatness and ask for money.

And despite the lack of feedback and the lack of a paycheck (well really, because of it) I keep on working at finding work. I keep on trying.

In between bouts of cover letter writing and hysterical Craigslist searches I do things like explore and luxuriate in nature. I went to Discovery Park Tuesday and finally found myself hidden among very tall trees again.

the trail


a mossy tree

the clouds

I found a beach.



About ten minutes into walking on this beach, head down excitedly spying rocks and shells, the hunger hit. Why are there no snack machines in nature? I tried to identify edible berries but the specter of Ben wasn’t pleased so I stopped myself. I daydreamed about stumbling upon magic mushrooms. I did not consume any unidentified woodland foodstuffs and I remained very hungry.

I stumbled out of the park just as darkness really hit and I impatiently walked along the bus route until I was unsure of which way the bus would go. And so I waited. I think I munched on a few ginger Altoids for sustenance.

When I got home I made rainbow chard in a West African pineapple peanut sauce with brown rice. Moosewood cookbook baby!

Oh god what else?? Went to a third interview Wednesday morning for an office job at a nonprofit that provides support to low-income people working to start their own businesses. I didn’t get the job (thisclose!). Ate mediocre sushi and was practically force-fed sake at Fuji Sushi. It was a Meetup dinner and I ended up sitting next to a mushroom dealer and English-teacher-on-Skype who keeps on texting me to go to this club he likes.

Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild with Ben Thursday afternoon. Sobbed.

After the movie Ben and I wandered over to Pike Place Market to try to brighten our mood. We went downstairs because neither of us had ever gone down before; we’ve both just explored the top floor. Once we got down inside the market, I felt pretty claustrophobic. I didn’t really like it down there and I wanted fresh air. I frantically tried to get out and couldn’t find the exit. However, I did find… a magical candy store! Thank you, Sweetie’s Candy Land.

Ben and I are fucking obsessed with bulk gummies. In New York state, bulk candy is sold in grocery stores. As it should be. Not here in Seattle! Where my candy at?

There was a wall that contained an eclectic assortment of bulk gummies in our hidden Pike Place gem. They were all the same price so you could mix and match. The price was a little steep–something like $2.70 for a quarter pound–but the selection was great and I am certainly desperate.

I ended up getting a mix of peach rings, watermelon rings, blue raspberry rings, green apple rings, some tiny sours, some blackberries and raspberries, and one verrrrrrrry long gummi snake. Ben and I are going to eat it like the spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp

Despite the splendor of the gummies, what really made that candy store magical was its owner. She chatted with us for a while, told us the history of Pike Place Market, and asked about our new lives in Seattle. As we were leaving, she gave each of us a “magic penny.” She said to hold it close and it will help us achieve the things we’re striving for, like finding a job (!!!!!). Magic penny, please help me!


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