I Can’t Get No

Holy Motors

I want to talk about Holy Motors but I don’t know how.

I saw it last night with Ben at the SIFF, after missing it with him last week. We bopped over after sharing the most incredible salad and fries at the 5 Point Cafe, my new favorite spot in Seattle. A big consideration for our next apartment is proximity to that never-closing miracle. We had an amazing meal there on Christmas and a delicious pre-movie snack last night. The salad was Southwest-ish with corn and pico de gallo. Its most incredible feature, however, was the pulled pork and diced ham loaded generously over the top. I felt healthy while eating, and good about it afterwards, but my was that salad satisfying.

That’s right, lately I can’t get no satisfaction when I eat. I haven’t been thrilled with anything I’ve cooked or baked lately, and I was eating so much pizza at work I was losing my mind. Nothing is bad, but nothing has really hit the spot either. Not until last night.

Thank you 5 Point, for the most perfect, satisfying salad.

Anyway, yes, this movie. This movie. I enjoyed watching it; it was a pleasing movie experience. It was playful and the whole time my brain was stretching trying to make associations and figure things out. I actually feel like the movie was tickling my brain.

At first I thought I got it–SPOILER ALERT–the big house was powered by a mesmerized movie audience; Monsieur Oscar was demonstrating the skill acting takes, how much of actors are lost in their roles. And I’ve heard about rich people paying to have experiences instead of being content watching a story on a screen, so I can understand Monsieur Oscar performing in the real world. But sometimes gunshot wounds don’t kill? But jumping off a building will get you? And every night he goes home to a new family? And the limousines talk?

And that sex scene?

Ben did have some great ideas, like about the movie being a satire on popular enjoyment of crappy, disjointed action movies because it presents as a bunch of disjointed dramatic scenes. And that all people want in movies (in art?) is beauty, weird and god. I need to talk to him more.

I want to hear feminist perspectives on the movie, too. What do intelligent ladies on the Internet think of that sex scene? Of that slithering spandex-clad blonde? Of silent Eva Mendes? Of her veiling? Ben argued to me that Mendes was moving from “beauty” to “weird” but I think that is too simplistic.

So yes, very interesting, very intriguing, but definitely not satisfying. I am not satisfied by this movie because I cannot leave it alone! I have not had enough. I need to keep playing with it in my head, and hopefully playing with it with others, in hopes of deciphering the holy riddle.

Holy Motors


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