Empire State of Mind

I had brunch with a bunch of women and I finally feel like a normal person again! A group of eight, myself included, from the Seattle ladies united for fun Meetup group met Sunday afternoon at Cafe Pettirosso in Capitol Hill. I heard a lot of crazy dating stories and it turns out everyone dates online. It seems that everyone has also traveled the world and been to a lot of amazing spas, and I really feel like I need to catch up.

I’m so glad I got to chill and talk to some women again! I miss my friends so much; it’s weird to have so few here. I’m excited about continuing to get together with my lovely slufs for brunches in the future.

The cafe was great: perfect service, no problem that we requested a table for 13 and only eight showed up, separate bills without asking, and the most all-around awesome waiter ever.

Since I’m going New York crazy, I had to order a bagel and lox. On the menu, the salmon plate comes with pumpernickel so I had to ask for a bagel instead! Crazy. The bagel wasn’t a New York bagel, but it wasn’t bad. The cream cheese had herbs in it; the salmon was pretty good, though I had to add salt and pepper. I wish I had fresh slices of tomato (I could have asked for them), but the pickled onions were nice. I added capers because they were there and my bagel still felt incomplete and I’m still not sure if I like them.

When I left Cafe Pettirosso after almost three hours, I was happily surprised to emerge into a sunny day! It was beautiful out! I skipped home and easily convinced sick Ben to enjoy the day and go for a walk with me. Leftover Dick’s burgers in hand, we walked along Alaska Way and up to the sculpture park. There were so many amazing dogs there and we got to watch the sunset on the beach! What a wonderful walk it turned out to be.


That night we finally got around to playing Scrabble, and I won! We watched Manhattan–New York lust, yes–and I felt so homesick and then so ready for Woody Allen to stop talking. Good night, New York.

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