Cupcake Time

I might be looking for a new job for the new year. I just got my schedule emailed to me and–surprise surprise–suddenly I’m working Tuesday morning. That’s right, New Year’s Day. Thanks for the two days notice!

Before the holidays began, at least a month before Thanksgiving, I asked for time off for when my mom and Matthew would be visiting. I was told that we’d all keep our set schedules and have to cover shifts ourselves. Okay. I can do that. Then, a week before Thanksgiving, after I got my shifts covered, my schedule changed and I suddenly had to work all day Friday and Saturday. I freaked out, dealt with it, got most of my new shifts covered, and worked Friday and Saturday night when my family was visiting.

Time passes, it’s Christmas, I have no plans and happily work as much as possible while most everyone else goes home to visit family. The restaurant closes at 4:30 Christmas Eve and stays closed Christmas Day so no one has to worry about working. When New Year’s arrives a week later (unseemingly early in my opinion; I would prefer at least a month between Christmas and New Year’s), I assume (foolishly) that my schedule will stay the same. I’ll work 4:30 to close both Monday and Tuesday.

Nope. Close New Year’s Eve, open New Year’s Day.

While I’m not at all happy about the prospect of working Tuesday morning, what bothers me most is the disrespect. Nobody has plans on New Year’s Day beyond sleeping and being hungover, so why put it all on me? Both shifts–Monday night and Tuesday morning–I would work alone. Why does everyone else get all of New Year’s off and I have to work the whole time?

And why not ask me or at least give me some kind of notice until two days before?

Right now I’m dealing with this the best way I know how, with a cup of coffee and a vegan chocolate cupcake from Cupcake Royale. I left my boss a voicemail and sent some texts out into the stratosphere. But all I really wanna say is…

coffee, cupcake, me

I QUIT!!!!!!!


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Pineapple rock, lemon platt, butter scotch. A sugarsticky girl shovelling scoopfuls of creams for a christian brother.

One response to “Cupcake Time”

  1. Emily says :

    I didn’t quit

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