Fuck You Vacuum

the culprit

the culprit

I’m feeling so annoyed right now. A month or so ago, I bought a used vacuum cleaner at Value Village for $20. I asked if it had a bag that would need replacements and was assured I could just empty its contents and keep on vacuuming. I vacuumed once, it worked great, and I put it in the closet.

Today, a month or so later, the floor is dirty again. I decided to vacuum. I take it out and get to work, actually laughing to myself in my head about asking if it needed a bag. I bet vacuums with bags don’t even exist anymore, I thought. So pointless and unsustainable when you could just empty the dirt out of the vacuum without a middleman. Was I showing my age with that question?

I keep on vacuuming and begin to notice the vacuum isn’t sucking up much dirt. Ugh, I think. Time to empty it out. I get out the trash can, open the vacuum, and see…. a bag.

Are you fucking kidding me? After all this, months of build-up to me vacuuming, today, when I learned the entire premise of my buying this vacuum was a lie.


Do they even sell vacuum bags anymore?


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3 responses to “Fuck You Vacuum”

  1. EverdayLivingPNW says :

    Love the tag….”This Sucks” 😛

  2. lifestrickery says :

    I personally love the title “Fuck You Vacuum”. I understand your pain, but I am having a giggle fit over here every time I look at “the culprit”.

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