Week In Review

hourglass woman

Saturday night.

I am writing this at the bar where I work while enjoying a salad and a hard cider. I have little money and no plans, so why not stay here for the discount and the company of the few people I know in Seattle?

Seattle treated me well this week. I was overwhelmed by my post-Thanksgiving downtime and got busy as a result. I baked banana ginger muffins and very healthy breakfast “cookies.” I got lost in Fremont and was inspired by Pie. I had a huge fight with my boyfriend, broke up, and got back together again–which apparently must now happen weekly.

banana ginger muffins

banana ginger muffins

On Thursday, I went to a ridiculous amount of galleries with my friend Diana, who moved from Ithaca to Seattle a few months before I did. We wandered around Pioneer Square, which has art galleries all in a row, perfect for a girl like me who is always getting lost! It was so nice to keep finding more and more art so easily. Are there any places in NYC that have such a cluster of free galleries in just a few blocks?

gallery backyard

gallery backyard

A few of the galleries were responding to Elles by celebrating their own woman artists. I saw vaginas, Barbie dolls, and quilts. Also: never-ending wooden loops, dried paint, geometric patterns in the most subtle constant motion, and more.

"Furnisher of False Information" and "Meth Possessor" by Jo Hamilton

“Furnisher of False Information” and “Meth Possessor” by Jo Hamilton

"Painting Folded Ten Times" by Margie Livingston

“Painting Folded Ten Times” by Margie Livingston

Later that night I saw The Habit, a comedy troupe performing in Green Lake. It was a funny and entertaining performance, sure, but I was disappointed that it cost $18 and only lasted an hour. I should have gone to yoga. When I got home Ben wasn’t there, and wasn’t there, and wasn’t there, which led to the fight, the breakup, sleeping separately, a few passive-aggressive behaviors on my part… And then it was the next morning and we realized we can’t do this without each other. We can’t do this without each other.

Ben & I

Then I still had to go to work and do my job with a smile on my face.

After work Friday I caught up with a Drunken Philosophy Meetup group that was drinking and philosophizing at an Irish pub downtown. I had such an amazing time! I was initially put-off because the group was predominately male, but everyone was so respectful, open-minded, and willing to listen that I was won over. Plus I acted ridiculously and everybody took it.

Highlight: I told them I saw a four-dimensional cube on the Internet once. Everyone clamored over each other to tell me how that was impossible. Later that night, once I got home, I told Ben. “Oh yeah, I remember seeing that four-dimensional cube.” So THERE.

four-dimensional cube


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