Ben saves the day

I woke up this morning excited to go to yoga. I had a great experience yesterday, despite overworking my body a bit, and was eager to push my body even more and stretch through the soreness. Unlike yesterday, I woke up with a little time to spare before rushing to class, so I had a small breakfast of an apple with peanut butter and drank a water bottle to make sure I was hydrated before I got in that 105 degree room.

And then, right before I left, I realized I got gotten my period.

Not always, but sometimes, maybe every few months or once a year, I get really bad cramps. Like dripping sweat, throwing up, can’t walk bad. It happened once when I was out for a run and I had to ask a stranger for a ride home because I couldn’t make it, and once horribly at a Top’s.

I didn’t know if I was going to get sick today, but I didn’t want to get sick in a sticky yoga studio far from home. I felt a phantom twinge of cramps, but I didn’t know if it was real or my nervous imagination. I lived in an apartment with black mold for a year and got frequent migraines during that time. Even now, years later, I’ll sometimes start freaking out thinking I see a black-white-rainbow swirling mass in the bottom left corner of my vision.

So I had the tenacity to wake up early and push myself to go back to the workout that kicked my butt yesterday, and then my body wouldn’t let me go. I might get sick. I was too afraid. Needless to say, I was distraught. Luckily, Ben had a solution. He proposed we go on a long, slow walk around Seattle. It was still exercise, but low-impact, and if anything happened he would be there.

Our walk was so much fun. We went through Pioneer Square and walked along the water, looked for sea lions but never saw any, and spotted so many cute dogs. We traveled up to the Sculpture Park, which Ben had never seen before, and climbed from rock to rock on a small beach with tall buildings sprouted up behind. We tootled around Belltown, had a snack at the always-amazing Taco Del Mar, and made our way home through our favorite park.

I am so thankful to be with someone who loves going on long walks with me and exploring this beautiful city.


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