Got Lost, Found Pie

Yesterday I tried to meet up with some people for coffee in Fremont and of course I got lost so I ended up going out and getting a pie for one. I got this pie at, well, Pie.

After studying the extensive menu, I settled upon an English meat pie (beef, mushroom, onion, Worcestershire) and a tall drip coffee. I was initially disappointed to receive my small pie (about the size of a baseball) and conversely “large” bill ($7 and change is a lot for someone who has perfectly good food at home). However, that disappointment turned to delight once I took my first bite.

Overhearing the cashier, I learned that the English meat pie and the chicken pot pie are generally the most popular savory pies, but the Swedish meatball (meatballs, potatoes, gravy, lingonberry sauce) was the most popular yesterday! Sounds interesting for sure, but I don’t think I want berries with my beef!

The English meat was a perfect choice for me. The meat was delicious, flavorful, and piping hot. The mushroom and onion were well-mixed throughout and there was just enough gravy to make the pie moist but not sopping. The crust was flaky, buttery, and amazing.

Oh, and they had a few sauces.

I have never before been to a place with such an impressive sauce offering. And all for free! I ate my pie with jalepeño mustard. Hoooooo spicy. Whoooo yummy. Also available were honey mustard, horseradish wasabi, tiger hot sauce, A1 steak sauce, and more.Suddenly, my pie was gone. My stomach was full. I remembered that the human stomach is about the size of a baseball and everything started to make sense. Seven dollars started to not sound so bad. I started to plan my next visit. And then, I went a step further.

“What do you have to do to work here?”

Chatting with the very nice cashier, it began to sound like I could have a prospect of working there. The owner was a home baker before she opened this restaurant. Now I am beginning to formulate a plan. I just need to learn how to make pie crust and how to wake up early enough in the morning to get to work at 5:30…

I think it would be worth it.


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