Grandma Hurricane

That’s a picture of my Grandma Sandy, my brother Matthew at about a year old, and me at 9 or 10. My grandma and I never lived in the same place–I was in Buffalo and then Ithaca, NY, and she was in Hoboken, NJ–but I always felt like she was a wonderful grandma. She came up to visit when she could, always sent cards and gifts for birthdays and holidays, and she and I had a great relationship emailing back and forth. I miss her most when I do something interesting and want to send her an email about it. What a cool way to be remembered! Whenever I do fun things, I think of you, Grandma.

But right now, Grandma isn’t listening. Grandma wants to fuck shit up. See, my grandma got sick a year ago, right before Halloween. She was planning on going on a cruise with my uncle and had to miss it, something that really upset her. It was all downhill from there and she died right before Christmas. We’re Jewish; her funeral was Christmas morning.

Now, a year after my grandma got so sick and so pissed off, an aptly named hurricane is beating up the East Coast. My grandma was an awesome grandma, but she was also a strong, powerful, and often angry woman. First Hurricane Sandy is hitting Florida, where her ex-husband, my grandpa, lives. It’s moving up the coast to NYC and soaking our family and her old home. Then, it’s meeting up with another crazy storm coming down from Canada and heading west to Buffalo to give my mom a taste of its wrath. Grandma Sandy is back, she’s mad, and she’s set on ruining everyone’s Halloween.

Just so you know, this is not my original idea. My mom and my grandpa both thought of it separately and then laughed about it together. Today my mom told me and I immediately knew it was true.

What do you think? Do you think this hurricane is really the reanimated spirit of my dead grandma in a non-corporeal form? Do you know any badass Sandys that are channeling their power into this Halloween hurricane? I have a step-mom Sandy as well, but I see her more as a snow day where you huddle by the fire and watch movies and eat homemade cookies than as a vengeful hurricane.

So I say, stay safe everybody, and rock on Grandma.


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