A Friend in Seattle

Sally visited me this weekend. It was so great to have a friend in Seattle! We hadn’t seen each other since graduation. This picture was taken two years ago! Sally is currently living in Arizona and being a responsible adult with a boring-ish job. I want her to forget all that and come live in Seattle with me! We shall see…

On Saturday, Ben was working, so Sally and I had the day to ourselves. I’m still getting to know the city myself so we explored together. We took the bus (thought we didn’t have to pay–NOT TRUE!) to Capitol Hill and went to Crossroads for the first time.

Crossroads is a really cool, semi-designer used clothing store overstuffed with cute cheap clothes a la Forever 21. It was just as overwhelming. There were so many things to see, and so many shirts packed together on the racks, that I could hardly focus my eyes.

Besides the hyperstimulation, I was also having difficulty focusing because I was hungry, so we stopped at a great Indian restaurant after shopping and shared a garlicky curry chicken dish and some aloo naan. It was great and just enough for the two of us. Since I’ve been dating Ben, I can’t stand going to a restaurant and ordering something just for myself. It is always too much food and too expensive for me. I really only need half a sandwich–I feel like my dad! When I was young and still growing, with the high metabolism that goes along with that, I couldn’t understand how my dad, or anyone, could be full after eating only half of a sandwich. Now I get it!

After lunch, Sally and I decided to wander through the drizzle on Pike & Pine for a while. We stumbled into the B-movie exhibition at Ltd. Art Gallery, where we saw a lot of prints both of our boyfriends would have loved. I don’t know or care much about Flash Gordon, though I did like the pop style of the pieces.

And this guy is really cute! Pretty sneaky sis…

We looked at a cat book in Melrose Market, where I learned that Koala might be Siberian, and read the newspaper with a mediocre latte and a mediocre chai at Bauhaus Books & Coffee. From the Stranger I learned about a comic art exhibition in Georgetown. To the bus!

From the few blocks we saw, Georgetown seems like a cool, hip, faded industrial neighborhood south of Seattle. Before finding the show we were looking for, at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, we stumbled upon yet another comic art show. Is comic art cool or do I just keep on seeing it? Sometimes I feel like Jared and Heroes Your Mom Threw Out have followed us to Seattle!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay in Georgetown for too long. Sally discovered that she lost her camera and felt too sad to hang out. I enjoyed a beer and bought three comics at Fantagraphics and then we got outta there!

Just as our walk back to Madrona began, we found ourselves in the ACT lobby (a contemporary theatre). The Ramayana was about to begin, there were only standing room tickets left for this three-hour-long show… but they could pretty much guarantee us seats, and it was pay-what-you-can! They got us. Ten minutes later, I was munching on sweet rosemary roasted nuts and watching the cutest little Indian boy sing his heart out. The play was three hours long, but was broken up nicely by two intermissions. I loved the story, the costumes, the colors, the monkey people… The Ramayana is a beautiful story in general, but I especially enjoyed this stage adaptation.

After the play, we trudged up Pike and Union to meet up with Ben at the Neighbor Lady, where I had a Rainier (great cheap beer!) and Sally had a chicken caesar salad. Ben told us about his hopes to DJ at a barcade–he has an audition this weekend in Renton. Where’s Renton?!

The next day, Ben and I had plans to meet with our landlord at noon to sign the final paperwork and pay first month’s rent. Unfortunately, we missed the bus, so Sally got to take a ride in the van. As usual, it was bumpy, noisy, and impossible to find parking downtown. I felt so bad about making our landlord, Christopher, wait so long for Ben to find a spot. Luckily, Christopher was very nice about the whole thing and let Sally and I poke around the new apartment while we waited.

I felt so reassured to be looking around the apartment again. In my mind, I had turned it into a dark, tiny basement, but in reality it is a great space with nice windows and very white walls. The best windows are in Ben and my room, where two windows come together at a corner. I want to put a desk there so Ben and I can peer out at the people on the sidewalk and the church across the street when we do our writing and drawing.

I had planned to spend Saturday exploring our neighborhood and downtown, but the blowing rain was a bit prohibitive. We kept having to duck into stores to avoid the bluster (I bought two striped shirts for $15 at Ross and a Koala soda at an underground supermarket).

Back in Madrona, I had a tiramisu cupcake and Sally had a royale with cheese at Cupcake Royale. I was so impressed by the tiramisu; I’ve had several different flavors of their cupcakes, and the tiramisu had a denser, pound cake-like cupcake and whipped cream frosting instead of buttercream. Delicious!

By then, poor Ben was falling asleep because he hadn’t slept the night before. Neither of us have been sleeping well since we moved to Seattle. I want a new mattress (money money). So he laid down for a nap and Sally and I got to work making a delicious kimchi. Stay tuned for the recipe!


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