Things I Love: Seattle

So far, I love Seattle. I love the trees and greenery everywhere, and the fact that there are DIFFERENT trees and greenery everywhere. Ben and I walk around and marvel at the different flowers, bushes, and trees in front of every house. One of our favorites is the monkey pine (that pic was taken by Ben, not me).

We first saw it at the arboretum, and after a co-worker (a semi-recent transplant from Georgia) listed it as her favorite new tree, we’ve been noticing them everywhere. There are also tons of berries with questionable poison contents. Ben won’t let me eat any…though I remember Tom Robbins writing about all the delicious blackberries of Seattle!

Composting is picked up by the city (we compost at the restaurant and at the house) and there is often a recycling bin next to a public trash can.

This city is super pedestrian- and bike-friendly, so much so that walkers and bikers always have the right of way and there are hidden trails that cut through streets and cater to food traffic. I think the city is very walkable too. We didn’t take the bus too much before I switched banks and was able to use an ATM again, so Ben and I would just walk for hours every day, trying to explore new neighborhoods. I’ve definitely fallen in love with Capitol Hill and can’t wait to try more of their restaurants, cafes, and bars. Unicorn did not disappoint. We had PBR tallboys and marveled over the insanely delicious carnival crazy menu and full arcade.

Closer to home, I’ve been to the Neighbor Lady twice now and loved the cheap Rainier and G&Ts, the veggie-filled garlic hummus plate, the 3-bean chili, and the most amazing sweet potato fries I’ve ever had in my life. Ben was stunned speechless for almost a minute when he saw the tabletop Q-bert game.

In Seattle, everything’s green, everyone says hi when you walk by, dogs are allowed inside stores, and the bus drivers don’t seem to notice or care when I don’t pay the full fare. So far, the weather has been sunny and perfect! I know that’s going to change soon… Forecast is rain this whole weekend. And real Seattle begins…


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