3 Weeks

Ben and I have been in Seattle for three weeks now. We both got jobs at the same pizzeria, an extremely family-friendly joint with video games and big screen TVs and a roped-off kiddie play area. They’ve been good to us so far. We’re getting enough hours and enough money; I have experience so waiting tables is a breeze, and it’s been a great learning opportunity for Ben in the kitchen. Not everything is perfect, of course, but I don’t yet feel comfortable with making my opinions heard. Right now I’m focusing on doing my job, keeping my mouth shut, and paying attention. There are definitely a lot of things to learn from this place…especially if Ben and I end up opening up our own restaurant someday.

We also got library cards, registered to vote, got a bike, got a bike map, made a few friends, and found a new apartment! Right now, we have a 2-month sublet of a room in a formerly nice but rundown house in the millionaire neighborhood of Madrona. There are fruit flies around the compost under the sink, unfinished drywall in the kitchen, and stoner philosophies written all over my pink walls. “Inner Light / Inner Truth / Within Us All”

There are also sweet roommates who are more than happy to share food, weed, and wine. So what if I have a sink full of dirty dishes to deal with (almost) every morning? It’s a relaxing way to start my day.

The new apartment (if we get it…fingers crossed!) will be shared with one our housemates here, Taylor, an architect, chef, and Southern gentleman who loves to cook, clean, and share. He helped us move in our boxes when we arrived at 10pm on a Wednesday night, and he and Ben hit it off right away.

The new apartment is not in the coolest neighborhood… it’s between Capitol Hill and downtown, and very close to the I5, but it’s cheap and less than a mile walk (uphill) to everywhere we would want to go. I had an extended binge session on Yelp last night and found a ton of delis, bars, cafes, and grocery stores I can’t wait to try. The apartment is also a close walk to the library and Pike Place Market, two things I already love about Seattle.


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  1. Creative Metaphor says :

    Welcome to Washington 🙂

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